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These are Kits made our of Baltic Birch and come unassembled. They are sanded and ready to paint or Stain. These are not Toys they are mostly used for gifts or display. They all come with instructions on how to put them together. We always suggest that you fit the parts before you decide to glue them. Most have moving parts and look great when completed. They make a good project for the family and look great when on display. Most items can be personalized with information you wish.
These very in size but none are less than 6 or 8 inch in length. If you have questions please email us at
Apache Helicopter Humvee Tank
Chopper Dirt Bike Motorcycle with Sidecar
Convertible Jeep Sports Car
Bucket Loader Dump Truck Excavator
Fire Truck Semi Truck Train Engine
F16 F18 Hornet F117
Space Shuttle Tractor Boat
Rooster Pig Horse
Ant Bee Butterfly Spider
Mastodon Raptor Scorpion T-Rex
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